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Whether you want to add that set of monster tires or just raise the body of your truck or Jeep a little higher; a lift kit is the solution. Lift kits are available in two types: a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit; and each type is tailored to the unique make, model and year of your vehicle.

The body lift kit raises the vehicle body on a stock suspension system, while a suspension lift kit raises the vehicle body and frame by altering the height of the suspension components. Modern lift kits have incorporated simplicity through technology into their designs, bolting directly onto your stock suspension without any welding, chopping or fabricating required. Most coil spring lift systems generally maintain a factory-like ride quality. Lifted leaf spring equipped vehicles typically ride factory-like or slightly firmer than stock.

And if a lift kit isn't your style, we also offer lowering and leveling kits.

Pair your suspension system with new tires and wheels!

Renegade Customs has a team of experienced, professional installers and we stand ready to give your ride the lift, level or lowering kit it needs.

FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE Up to 100 days, same as cash, with approved credit. Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

Ask about our Lift, Tire and Wheel Packages!

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Several of the brands we carry include:

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