Give your truck, SUV or Jeep an attitude adjustment! Nothing can add both superior style and functionality to your rig like aftermarket bumpers.  Ditch those stock bumpers and transition your vehicle from average to awesome. Whether you’re looking for something moderate or massive, we’ve got a lineup of front and rear bumpers to suit your needs and enhance the attitude of your ride. We offer a large selection of mild to heavy duty-bumpers, brush guards, bull bars and aftermarket off-road bumpers.

Looking to replace your stock bumpers after an accident? We can help. Desiring the aggressive look of aftermarket bumpers to improve the aesthetics of your ride? We can help.  Ready to do some serious off-road boulder-bashing? Yep…we can help! Renegade Customs has the team to assist you in making the right choice for your specific vehicle and the right technicians to ensure the installation is done properly. 

Your bumpers are your first line of defense when driving and you don’t want to cut corners.  In addition to rugged good looks, ground clearance and protection, aftermarket bumpers also allow for the attachment of lights, winches, recovery gear, and other accessories

If you're looking for serious off-road protection, consider a grille guard. Standalone or as a full bumper, grille guards (or brush guards) can offer total protection against road and off-road debris, branches, animals and other hazards. Bull bars are another great option and offer moderate protection, serving as a good first line of defense. 

Whatever you're looking for, chances are good that we can find the right aftermarket bumper to meet your needs!

FINANCING AVAILABLE THROUGH ACIMA No Credit Needed. Low Initial Payment. Flexible Finance Options. Some Restrictions Apply.

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Steel Bumpers

Aftermarket steel bumpers will do a better job at protecting your truck, Jeep or SUV than a factory bumper. They’re heavier than stock bumpers, making them more durable, especially when off-roading.  A standalone aftermarket steel bumper will offer more protection for the vehicle and passengers, with increased functionality and off-road superiority.

Bull Bars

When a steel bumper isn’t enough, but a grille guard is too much, bull bars can be the perfect option.  Bullbars are U-shaped accessories that are made of steel and usually mounted on top of an aftermarket bumper.  They provide moderate protection to the truck grill, and have a daring, rugged look.  Bull bars are also available as standalone options, with these being mounted directly to the underside chassis.

Grille Guards

Also known as brush guards or cattle guards, grille guards can come as standalone accessories or as full bumper grille guards.  They offer protection for the entire front end of the vehicle and provide a strong defense against sudden impact as well as branches, limbs, and road debris.

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