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Now Through December 31, 2021

CERAMIC PRO ROCKWALL never wax again!

We are very proud to be a Ceramic Pro Auto Spa serving the Dallas area! Our Ceramic Pro Coatings provide the best paint protection in the automotive industry. With Ceramic Pro Rockwall, you can say "bye bye" to waxing. Once the ceramic coating is applied, you'll never need to wax your vehicle again.  Cleaning your vehicle's paint is as easy as cleaning your windshield. No need for abrasive washes or waxes.

This ceramic coating is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, firm, yet flexible glass shield. Ceramic coatings, when applied correctly, can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

Ceramic Pro coating, once cured, is measured to have hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has hardness between 2H and 4H. The glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clearcoat and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the original factory paint. 

Once your vehicle is ceramic coated, it will have increased chemical and UV resistance. This new sacrificial layer will protect your painted surface and clear coat from etching because of bug guts, bird droppings, and those dreaded water spots. This coating can also be layered for increased thickness and longevity, protecting it for years down the road.

Ceramic Pro Packages vary in both price and longevity, from the 6-month Ceramic Pro Sport Package to the ultimate Lifetime Gold Package – and several paint protection coating packages in between. We can also customize our services to meet your individual requirements and budget.  Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered! Our shop is certified, and our staff has the expertise to take on your job.

Ceramic Pro is perfect for cars, trucks, Jeeps, specialty vehicles, RV's, commercial vehicles, exotic vehicles, boats or aircraft. Protect your valuable assets with Ceramic Pro!

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